Transferred to St. John's River, Florida

Just got transferred to Palatka, FL. I’ll be on the St. John’s River or very close to it.

Can anyone tell me if there are paddling opportunities that include avoiding power boats (I have a relatively tippy training boat)?

Also, are there any paddling clubs or groups that I could hook up with? This is the quickest way I know to get familiar with things. Eventually, my son and I would like to find some competitive events.

Any help would be appreciated.



contact posr your question there. someone should be able to tell you all you want to know

Try FSKA.Org
This is the Florida Sea Kayakers Association. They have a site that lists several kayaking locations, although it’s more geared toward sea kayaking, there are locations listed for paddling some of the back creeks of Florida…ie, no power boats. The site also lists other kayak clubs which may not be sea kayak oriented. Look up a list of outfitters in the Northeast/Central Florida area and almost all of them will offer classes, or give you leads on clubs you can join. Brasington’s Outdoors in Gainesville is a good one. Army/Navy Outdoors in Jacksonville is also good. Hope this helps.

I appreciatet the help! I’ll check this out.

Thanks again.


palatka area
Getting away from powerboats on the St. Johns is pretty much impossible. I live in the Deland area and began training on the river in an ICF K1 in April 2004 and have had a serious crash course in balance. The Silver River over near Ocala is sheltered and idle speed. The Ocklawaha just down 19 a little ways from Palatka is the clostest protected water to Palatka. It is very pretty and sheltered from just about any wind. However, you will have to deal with the odd motor boat wake there.

From what I’ve been told, Etonia and Rice Creeks right near town are very polluted. If you get above the papermill on Etonia it might be pretty but I have explored that one yet.

For competition, check out

The page isn’t updated too regularly but you should be able to find contact information and get a schedule. Fun all-inclusive group. There are a couple of races relatively close to Palatka.

Scombird, thanks for the info.!
I’ll check these spots out as well. I paddle an SRS “Delphine” and while it’s not tippy as other ICF boats, I can’t handle it in any chop.

Could you elaborate on the races you metioned? I assume they have classes.



Welcome to Florida

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Try to find the Marion County Aquaholics club out of Ocala. The Florida State Kayaking Association is a good site for paddling information also.

Thanks Ken! Glad to be coming to a
warm and frienldy state.

Thanks also for the website.


FCPA races
The Florida Competition Paddlers Assn. holds races all over the state. Most races are 10-12miles. Some longer. There is usually a short course offered as well. Classes are numerous. ICF K1, unlimited kayak, touring kayak, surfski, rec kayak, USCA C1, USCA C2, rec canoe, downriver kayak, … If you paddle it they will make a class for it. Your Delphine will probably be in the ICF class.

The closest race to Palatka is on the Silver River just off route 40 near Ocala. That race is 10.5 miles on a clearwater deep spring run.

There is a race this weekend on the Wekiva near Sanford (about 1.5hours south of Palatka). It is a 14miler on a twisty swampy stream.