Transition canoe?

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I've been to two or three slaloms in the past year and am considering a more maneuverable solo canoe. I have owned an Encore in the past and didn't enjoy it's eagerness to turn or the elbow problems. I tried an 11' Dagger Oco last week and of course it is more of a turning boat. I'm using my mohawk solo 13 now with which I can make the gates and enjoy the ride but would like a new toy. Something that tracks nearly as well as the 13 but turns better when leaned would be great. Anything current or used come to mind?
There's a Genesis in the area for sale. Where does its "better tracking" fall in the Encore-solo13 spectrum?
150 pound paddler.

“Better tracking” slalom canoe is something of an oxymoron.

The Dagger Encore probably holds a line better than the majority of whitewater open boats, new or old. A Dagger Impulse might possibly be a little better in that regard. I have paddled the Genesis a little but not enough to judge. I think it would be rather large for you.

To gain any significant “tracking” without giving up the ability to make quick slalom moves you probably would need to go with an asymmetric hull. Two that come to mind are the Mohawk Shaman and the Dagger Rival.

The Shaman was designed by Harold Deal to compete in the whitewater combined racing class in which the same boat is used for both slalom and downriver. As such, it has rather better straight line efficiency than most whitewater boats. A composite Shaman is made by Dave Curtis at Hemlock Canoe.

The Rival is also quite asymmetric and has a somewhat “skegged” stern section. I know of quite a few small to medium sized paddlers who were/are quite fond of the design. A composite Rival is made by Kaz at Millbrook Boats.


Think you’d benefit with a talk with Kaz

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...or an email shot to him. Think straight ahead travel is more of paddling skillset rather than that of hull design. Nimble is one of the words needed. Any degree of looseness is usually a personal mix...imho($.01). Good stuff from pblanc.