Transom mounted is best but many do side mount trolling motors , What issues?

I have a 14.5 Native Slayer , Trying too get used too it New too me ,
Sit on top , basic model
Not pedal driven.
This Kayak is 50 lbs heavier then previous sit in Pelican
My kayaking is in strong current areas , After few uses paddling against current was difficult . Considering a kayak motor
I am aware installing from transom or bow is best

Those of you that have installed 35 - 55 lb thrust motors on side , what
problems have you run into ? , Rudder ? balancing ?
Native is rated around 500 lbs , wide body ,
Battery issue ? weight , solar panel works ? don’t really during day too keep battery life longer
Remote controlled trolling motors is sweet , costly , Many have taken $99 - 200 dollar trolling motors and fabricated transom/ bow mounting with cables
Just looking for some advice from others that have done this
thanks ,

Heads up, many states require your vessel to be registered once it is powered by a motor/electric trolling motor.

To do it right you’d get the Native Slayer with the motor well up forward. Put the motor by the company in the well.

Have seen some with motor on rudder mount.

Mounting it on side of SOT will likely cause control and balance problems.

You would have a Motor Boat in Florida and require paperwork and registration.

Weight distribution is the first issue. The second is reaching around behind you to control the motor. A side mount or bow mount makes it easier.