Transparent Canoe Kayak

Did anyone see this?..

It’s a bit of a toy (11’ x 32") but in the right setting (I know quite a few spots in the Caribbean with very calm water and reefs that start at under 30’) it would be a hoot.

rent in Key West
probably other places too

sure, sure, fun
fun for the PADDLER maybe. Not so fun for the fish!

Yeah, might scare the fish.

clear skin SOF’s
Many people who build skin on frame kayaks skin them (either temporarily or permanently) with clear vinyl. For the temporary skinning, it’s to test paddle the frame cheaply and easily so tweaks can be made in the frame design before the final skin goes on. And some people do it to show off the wooden frame.

Having a clear kayak does not strike me as that handy for underwater viewing. More of a gimmick than anything else. You don’t get that large of a frame between your legs and if the water is that clear, you are going to see just as well into the depths over the sides of the boat and be able to keep your field of vision up high enough to effectively paddle at the same time.

You make…
…an excellent point there!

…but I think you’re wrong about the viewing.

Try looking through a scuba mask on the surface of the water. Having the clear lens actually in the water eliminates all the issues with refraction that is caused by all the tiny surface ripples, and also cuts out surface reflections from the sky.

Of course, a clear kayak - or a glass bottomed boat - needs really clear water to be at all effective.

to confirm… go snorkeling. When you look at things from on top of the water above the water surface you see far less well than if you immerse your head.

It really is another world down there…

with Nouvell
and our transparent kayak on the ultimate sandbar …

one interesting function here is water on hard plastic. Water fills in the inevitable cracks abrasions scuffs…maybe not scuffs …renedering these chasma invisible.

Which is a ‘good thing’

$1,900.00 Surely they jest…
I view the boats in questions as gimmick boats for people with more money than common sense.

Buy a good quality face mask, a snorkel and fins. Go snorkeling: you’ll see a lot more. You’ll also save yourself about $1,600.00. With what you save you can buy yourself a “real boat”.