Transport 1 kayak, 1 HUGE SUP trailer?

I have an 11+ old town Loon kayak and a new huge 12’ long, very wide Paddle North Loon SUP. I have a very tall for me (5’4") 4Runner. So I’m
considering either a trailer, preferable one that could also maybe be moded or unmoded for a jonboat? (thats a big maybe but thought I’d throw it in there). Or some sort of roof rack I don’t have to use a ladder for. Saw one online somewere you load on the side and the thing folds up on to the roof. Canadian. Don’t know whether it does both kayaks and SUPs or what the name was.

Experiences? Recommendations? Clues?


I use a trailer and really like not having to lift my kayak higher than waist high to load. But I also have a roof rack because some of the launches I use have little or no trailer parking. So that’s something to consider. I don’t have any experience with any of the side loading accessories for roof racks, but I’m sure others here will comment. As far as a trailer, it seems like it would be easy to take a small boat trailer that’s suitable for your jonboat and have two optional cross bars that you can attach when needed for kayak/SUP use. I’m one of “those people”, who are handy at designing and building things so the configurable trailer seems easy to me. But it might be more challenging if your talents go in other directions.

Hmmm . The loon is not real wide but it’s heavy, I usually tell people to get at roof rack and learn how to load from the rear just using a step stool, and tying off by using the rear wheels as a step. But you are going to need around 66" rack bars. You can do this with Yakima racks. I’m not a fan of racks that hold the kayak semi vertical - too much wind drag and greatly increases your chances of snagging them in a parking lot, drive through, or low hanging tree. That brings us to your SUP. it’s 36" wide and 32 lbs and you are only 5’4"!!! - it will probably float two of you and a big friendly dog (perhaps that is the goal I don’t know). I would suggest just doing some trips with the SUP where you tie it on the roof with a set of pool noodle racks and make sure you really want such a big watercraft before you invest in a trailer. My SUP would fit easily inside your 4Runner and it’s much more fun when you can just throw it in your vehicle and go. Trailers and complicated racks kill the whole point of stand up paddling.

The Loon I have is 40 lbs. the SUP is said to be 36. And it was recommended to me by Pacific North because I am 230, old, out of shape and never been on a SUP. Just trying to have a little fun before its to to late:)

I know trailers are a pia but I think its both safer and somehow I feel like a step ladder is even more a pia. You have to move the thing all around the car doing straps again and again. Up down over up down over up down over. The one trailer concern is where to put it when I’m not using it.

Then there is this, but I can’t move the kayak and the SUP at the same time.

Yakima ShowDown Lift Assist Mount for Kayak or SUP Boards

499 for the mout, 219 for a rack so 720. IDK, still trying to figure out trailers…are they much more?