Transport 2 Kayaks w/no Factory Roof Rac

-- Last Updated: Aug-31-06 1:40 PM EST --

I am about to purchase 2 Pungo's (a 120 and a 100) I drive a 2006 Chrysler Town and Country Van that has no factory roof rack. After looking at the different brands fit guides , I am confused as ever. When I do find the proper components,will it be specific to just this model van (gutterless roof).. Or does anyone have affordable suggestions on van topping and transporting these 2 Pungos at the same time ??
Is it possible to transport both (side by side) using foam blocks, front and rear tie downs and 2 straps thru the windows ? All thoughts and advice are appreaciated !

or check with your local kayak dealer, Sports Authority, Big 5 or REI and see what they suggest.

It can be pricey, but for me it is worth the peace of mind knowing my boat is secure.


Cheap like me…
If you’re also cursed with the “WHAT $400 for a RACK?” disease, like I am, you have three options.

One, e-bay. Find your rack needs on Yakima or Thule website, then shop the dickens out of it on e-bay, or craig list. Winter will be best, I think. Less folks shopping.

Or, get the pads, and ropes and tie the things down well and properly, and just live with the scratches on the roof that no one can see anyway.

Or, consider a cheap, used, small boat trailer, and customize it for your needs.