transport deck up or deck down on bars?

I am off tomorrow to pick up two Manitou 14’s. At this point in time, I am planning on resting them across three well padded Yakima bars on my pickup cab/camper shell. I remember from previous posts to be careful not to cinch them too tightly, but I don’t remember whether to turn the boats deck down or leave them deck sides up(and I couldn’t think of a phrase that worked for Search!)

Temps will likely be 110 or so and I have 150 miles to drive. Thanks!

deck down
I would do deck down. This way if there is any damage (scratches, indentation, etc.), it won’t effect the part of the boat in the water.

Though if you are vain, then deck up may be the way, as any potential damage would then be hidden below the water line…

Deck down.
The decks are stronger due to the shapes created by coamings etc. Transport deck side down and try to line up bars with the bulkheads as best as possible. This is the best way. There is no logic to hull down, unless you have saddles, which are not necessary. Your Manitou got to the store desk down on bars in a truck trailer. Deck down also negates the need for a cockpit cover.

Can you remove one of the crossbars?
Two is necessary. Three just adds something to cause dents in your kayak–hull or deck or side.