transport my kayak

I a used to strapping my single Dagger recreational kayak to my car rack and heading to the water. I now have two kayaks so I purchased j bars to carry them and I was told I should have cockpit covers to make my drive better, is this true? All I read online is that they are really for land storage and do not really stay on cars during transport.



Cockpit covers keep the birds out
I have been transporting kayaks in J cradles for years, the cockpit covers come off before loading and stay home.

Neo cockpit covers stay on usually
Nylon ones tend to get loose at highway speeds. Get a big clip and clip the grab loop of the cockpit cover to the rigging, that way you’ll still have it.

The only thing they will do
is keep the rain out of the cockpit

I use them if rain is predicted, other wise the only time I use them is when they are in storage to keep the bugs out, or when we are camping and they are on the ground to keep not only the bugs out, but the wind blown leaves, etc.

When you use them make sure to put a Velcro strap between the grab loop and one of your bungees, so if they were to come loose you’ll still have them.

They won’t help your drive though !

Jack L

I’ve never lost one in transport.
The one that I used the most had a strap that went around the boat.

I try to carry kayaks cockpit down, then I don’t care if it rains.

I picked up a couple from I think Austin, they have a strap sewn into them that goes around the kayak and secures to itself to keep it tight during transport and keep it from flying off. I think they were on sale for around $30. I have heard reduce wind drag and improve gas mileage, but I never bother transporting with them on, strictly for critter blocking.

personal choice
Great for storage. Mixed opinions on use for travel. Personally I carry my boat deck-down so I’m not worried about rain, and I like to use the opportunity to wind-dry the cockpit while traveling.