Transport question

I need some advice as to how I should have my kayak loaded on top of my truck, right side up, or up side down. I will be using foam blocks attatched to the roof of the cab and have a converted bed extender coming out of my hitch and going up that is adjustable with the level of the cab, it sort of looks like a football field post. I know a Thule or Yakima rack would be better than foam blocks but funding isnt available yet, I would carry it in the bed but that will be loaded with camping supplies. Also any special ways I should strap it down.

Hope this helps
Tie down upside down, use straps through your doos, on tieing it to you goal post. Then add front and rear tie downs and you should be all set. You are right a Thule or Yakima rack up on the roof would be good. I carried 2 yaks like that for a couple of years.

Transport question
Thanks for the help, my truck is an extended cab ZR2 Sonoma Highrider and the side windows open so I’ll probably run the straps through them. Un fortunaltly my truck has no rain gutters so I guess I have to get a rack permanently mounted to the roof.

Not true about not having gutters
My S10 did not have them either the racks just hook inside the lip where the door closes and the top of the roof and then the top of the roof and clamp down. Check them out they go on and come off in less than ten minutes.