Transport suggestions for 4-door pickup

I was wondering if any one could suggest a good way to transport 2 kayaks on a 4 door pickup. I do not want to use the bed (have a bed cover and want to be able to still use bed for camping gear). I was thinking of a ‘goal post’ type rear rack and maybe foam blocks or a Castlecraft universal rack for roof. What works for you?

Yakima (i think) makes a back rack
that fits a receiver hitch that works along with a rack over the cab. But you can’t open the tailgate with it on.

Depending on your vehicle
either Thule or Yakima should make a rack to fit above the cab. Seen a lot of 4-doors w/racks over cabs hauling 2 yaks or canoes.

pickup + kayaks
I’ve used a bed extender that costs a hundred bucks; it fits in the hitch two ways – so you can either carry your yaks in the bed or across the roof (need foam + tie-downs).

Yakima sells a gear rack for $185 that we are considering strongly for weekend camping trips, unless we can find a used ladder/lumber rack for less.

Finally, I picked up a boat trailer (john boat type) for a hundred bucks and a used yakima roof rack with kayak mounts on craigslist cheap and I’m jimmying up a trailer to pull behind my SUV.

Whew! As long as you can get on the water, it’s all good.