Transporting 2 Kayaks

I have a rack system on my other car- but that one is in the shop. On this car, we have a factory rack and need to pick up 2 kayaks tomorrow. Is there a way I can transport 2 kayaks without buying any additional things and just use my factory rack? The kayaks are only 10feet and about 24 inches wide. Suggestions??

Not sure it’s the best system
but I’ve transported two rec kayaks direct on the rack of my wife’s Nissan Pathfinder. Boat one, flat with deck down - two straps tied off to the rack. Lay out straps for kayak 2 under the side rail and then under kayak 1 - run it back over and secure 2 to the side rail and kayak 1. Kayak 2 was at an angle and resting with one side of coaming braced against side rail and the other side leaning on kayak 1. I then ran an additional strap under the rack and around both kayaks. Tie off bow/stern lines as you see fit.

I also lean the second boat against the first, but run the whole strap over both boats.