Transporting 4 Kayaks

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I need to transport 3-4 Kayaks to the lake. I will be taking my kids out solo, so looking for an easy solution to load and unload. I have an Infiniti QX80 SUV. Just wondering what everyone's had the best luck with for ease of loading. Three 8 foot kayaks and one 9 foot. They weigh around 35 pounds each. Thanks so much!

cross bars and stacker
I’ve put 4 touring kayaks on the roof of my old Subaru with cross bars and stackers. You can then put the kayakls on their side tied to the stackers. Thule and Yakima both have stackers, as do others. Examples of stackers: and

Note - these often would fit on factory cross bars, but factory cross bars usually aren’t rated for as much as weight as you’d want. So upgrading to Thule or Yakima or similar mounts and cross bars would be recommended.

If this isn’t east/convenient enough for loading/unloading, then a trailer may be in order.

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    It’s hard to beat a good utility flatbed trailer for hauling just about anything. It will need the side pockets for various racks, side boards, etc. If you choose this route, don’t go cheap with tiny tires; you never know when you might want to haul something heavy.