Transporting a kayak in a pickup

I transport my Hobie in the back of my pick up. It hangs off the end about 3’. I’m trying to figure a way to attach some sort of light to end of kayak while transporting but want to remove light while kayak is in use. Any ideas. Don’t want to drill holes into kayak

I can’t answer directly about a light, but the law usually says that if something extends by 4 feet or more it has to be flagged. I think it’s a good idea (it can’t hurt) even if something extends by less than that such as in your case. I suggest something like this. Note that there is a reflective strip so it should work very well at night, being well illuminated by the headlights of a trailing car.

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There is a discussion here about detachable lights. I always have a red flag on the back of the boat.

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There are lights on clips that bicycles use. Can be flash or solid. Many of our trailer kayakers use them. At least those that project more than 4 ft.

Suitability confirmed by state trooper during a stop. …for no light.

There was a guy who used to go to the local pool sessions, in the winter. He would bring his SOT kayak in the back of a truck, with a bed extender. He had a piece of thin metal glued/epoxied on top of the back deck. He would stick a light like this, onto his kayak before leaving. The magnet in the base was strong enough to hold it in place, while driving. But he had it tethered for redundancy. It worked well, for his needs.