Transporting a kayak on the roof..

Hey guys-

I think I have found a kayak for me… I am going to be picking up a Perception America 11.0 from a local sporting goods store…

My question is this… I have a truck I can use to transport the kayak with, however, it would be soo much nicer if I could use my car or my fiance’s car…

I drive a 2000 Trans Am, so I doubt I’ll be able to find a rack for it, however my fiance’ has a 2000 Honda CRV, however it does not have a stock roof rack…

Does anyone know of any racks that grab onto the side of the car?

I appreciate the help!


first of all, i’d recommend a sturdy rack from a reputable manufacturer such as yakima or thule. now that i have that out of the way, i recently bought a new vehicle that neither yakima or thule make towers for! rather than spend a large amount on a new rack system that would have involved drilling holes in my roof, i made a serviceable rack using 2 sixteen foot cam-lock straps and 2 kids pool toys known around here as “noodles”. ran the straps through the holes in the noodles, tied overhand knots just outside the noodles on both ends to provide tie-down points, strapped the noodles on by passing the ends of the straps through my vehicle doors, and voila! a cheap, removable, roof rack that will cradle my boat and not damage my vehicle finish. just place the boat on the noodles and tie down securely to each end of the vehicle, and over both noodles. doesn’t even quiver at freeway speeds. good luck with your new boat.


CRV rack
The current model CRV comes stock from the factory with black “rails” that run down the roof, if you didn’t buy the factory rack. On the inside of each rail you will fing two removable covers a few inches long. Thule and I think Yakima make plates that bolt down there (after you remove the covers), have towers that fit the plates, bars that go through the towers and stuff that fit on bars to hold kayak. The up side of this system is that it has a higher load rating than the factory rack. However, when all parts are totaled, it will cost close to $300.

I think I may have found a setup…

I was out to eat tonight and saw a CRV with a roof rack, and it did not have the factory rack…

Looks like a company called Saris makes a rack that should work for me… They even have a setup for the trans am, should I decide to go that route. :wink:

Thanks for the advice guys.