Transporting a modular kayak w/ a kayak cart - is this safe?

I am buying a Point 65 Tequila GTX tandem. The modular kayak works for me because we live in a small space in downtown Vancouver, BC with no safe place to store a full size kayak and marina storage is prohibitively expensive. We live three blocks from the beach and I’m trying to figure out a way to get this three section modular kayak down there without having to load it piece by piece into our car, drive three blocks, unload it and pay $10 for parking. It is way too heavy, even in the solo configuration to carry down there. And doing it one piece at a time sounds exhausting and risks having modules stolen while I’m going back and forth. So, I thought about getting a kayak cart, assembling the kayak at home and wheeling it down to the beach then lock the cart to something (theft is a big problem up here). What I’m concerned about is whether the locking straps on this modular kayak will be under too much strain with the bottom module sitting on the cart and me carrying the tip of the bow module. I’m thinking that it must be designed to take some amount of stress otherwise it would break apart against even modest swells, right? Anyone else have a modular kayak and dealt with this transport issue? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Not at all familiar with that boat but seems to me if carting it was going to cause structural failure then paddling it in waves would do the same. You could ask the manufacturer.

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I don’t technically know about the Tequila, but I was considering the Point 65 Mercury a couple months ago and emailed a local distributor to asked if you could carry that assembled on a car roof rack and was told that should be totally fine. So I would assume assembled on a cart just walking would be fine.

Instead of locking the cart somewhere, I’d put it in that area behind the back seat under the bungees or something. Bring it with you on the kayak.

Funny, didn’t think of that. If I can secure it properly that would definitely be better.

Contacted Point 65 the other day. Still waiting to hear back.

I have a Pakayak which is a nesting sectional kayak. The bag that it stores in has wheels so I wheel it to the launch if it is not too far. I also have a cart I use for longer trips.

For the Tequila it looks like the max load while carrying it at both ends is 10kg (22lbs). I know this doesn’t exactly answer your question using a cart but it may help in how taught the straps could be tightened.

Here is a link to their manuals:

Another option for you might be a cart that doesn’t require straps. I have one by Paddlelogic called a Trail Trekker. I just slide it on the end of my kayak, clip the cord to some decking, pick up the other end of my kayak, and go. Super easy. Mine doesn’t come apart easily but it looks like the new ones might,
The website is terrible, but in case it’s not clear what this thing looks like from that, here’s a terrible photo of mine in the garage. It’s all soft, non-marking material. Those smaller wheels are actually for the cart for when I want to stow it in a hatch.

I have a 80# canoe 15’ and a 45# rec-kayak I sit on top of the canoe and a cooler 20# paddles and all kinds of other gear piled in and it all sits on a $35 kayak cart and rolls like nothing.

Put the boat together at home and roll it where you are going take off the wheels 30 seconds fold the kayak dolly up and stash it all on the boat.

The Pakayak looks nice but it’s a bit out of my price range. I’m getting the Tequila GTX tandem used for $800 Can ($650 US), which up here is pretty cheap. I looked at the manual and it just talks about not putting anything heavy in the kayak when lifting.

The consensus seems to be that moving this boat with a cart should be fine.

I deal mostly with the Martini and Mercury at my Store. The solo Tequila should be fine for cart transport. Use a center mount cart spanning both sections and you’ll be good to go.

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