Transporting a Royalex Canoe in winter

I’m looking at buying a Royalex canoe with wood gunnels. I live in Michigan. Would it be OK to transport it fir a few hours in sub freezing conditions? Or am I asking for trouble with cracking?

Any advice is great. Thanks.

Here is the MRC website where they discuss cold cracking (Congratulations, too, I hope you enjoy your Explorer as much as I do mine: a 1980 Royalex w/wood trim).

Mark L.

I recently bought a royalex Dagger with cold cracks already in it and transported it home in the cold! (Although, not in subzero temps–I also later fixed the cracks with g-flex epoxy(–Part of the reason why I got the boat at a really cheap price to begin with.) That said, I would go ahead and transport the boat home if you are worried about someone else scooping up the deal before you do–.I don’t believe a few hours driving it home car topped would seriously effect hull integrity, BUT I WOULD bring along a cordless drill to loosen all the screws in the wood gunwales, especially in the first 3-or-4 feet at both bow and stern. I’d also used a movers’ blanket to wrap it up in/or anything to further pad the roof rack.

–Then I’d drive off happy as a clam.

Thanks guys.

I have an old Dagger Encore with wood trim. I do store it indoors, but i wouldn’t think twice about taking in out in sub freezing conditions. I had it out yesterday when temps were in the low 20’s and had icicles hanging from the gunwales by the end of the run. Go for it.


Cold cracking is caused by different expansion and contraction rates between ABS and wood… We had our Dumoine in the garage which looses and gains heat gradually… It had wooden gunwales and not a problem with cracking.

If you drove straight thru from FL and hit a 40 degree differential in GA you might have reason for concern but isnt the whole canoe cold now?