Transporting boats using your car

My buddies and I have the issue of stratching our cars when loading our kayaks up for a day of paddling. Because of this, we have decided that we are going to build a new type of boat carrier that will combat our problem. I want to hear from others about what attribute they would like to see in a boat rack. I have created a survey that gives options on the different attributes of such a product. The link can be found below.

Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to hearing your responses!

Reinvent the already available?

Yakima and Thule have already done that, as has Malone.

Yakima gear and a bath mat equals zero scratches.

What the heck are you and your buddies doing that is scratching the car? Yeah if you drop the boat on your car, which admittedly I have managed a couple of times. But that was not the rack’s fault, just my being inattentive. And that was loading a 16 plus foot sea kayak by myself, without help from buddies which normally help to reduce scratching.