Transporting canoe and 2 kayaks


first time poster here.

I’ve got a problem.

Vehicle Honda Pilot with Yakima rack/bars.

I have transported my oldtown 17ft Tripper and a 12 ft Pungo with no problems. But I just bought a 14 ft Pungo and need/want to take the oldtown and the 12 foot Pungo.

So how do I do it?



Longer bars or stack kayaks vertically
How long are your bars? How wide are the three boats combined? That will tell you if longer load bars will do the trick.

Otherwise, you could use a vertical kayak stacker to put the kayaks on edge. Or you could use J cradles on the outside of the bars for the kayaks with the canoe in between the J cradles. That, too, will depend upon the length of your bars.

If you have a local Yakima dealer, they should be able to recommend solutions.

the majic number is 57"
I have hauled lots of different configurations/combinations of boats. With Thule J racks on the outside edges a 37" wide boat will fit in between the racks as long as neither boat has a lot of rocker (Pungos do not). I am not sure how wide the roof of your vehicle is, but a full size pickup roof is 58" wide. I kept my racks narrower than the with of the roof (57") to prevent catching crossbar on stuff.

Stack the Yaks
I had a Mad River Malecite (tandem canoe), a Necky Gannet, and a Wilderness Systems Piccolo on my Rav4 with 66" bars last week.

The Malecite went over the driver with two straps and a bow line. The Gannet went over the passenger. And the Piccolo went on top of the Gannet. Two straps over the pair of kayaks. The canoe’s bowline went back up to both kayak bow grab loops. And I brought a stern line from both stern grabloops to the anchor under the rear drivers side.

Nothing moved on my 50 mile drive.

Yup - stack the yaks
Here are two canoes and two kayaks on 50" bars:

Those were small whitewater yaks, but it will work with your boats. Canoe in the middle, then one yak on edge on each side. The canoe is like a stacker bar. I usually strap each down individually, and then I have a 20’ strap that will go over everything.

Get creative - here are two canoes (one on edge):

Four kayaks (all on edge)

Two canoes, five kayaks

Ok, that is actually daggermat’s truck :wink: