Transporting Kayak Cheaply

Hey you guys,

I just got a ten foot kayak and I’m looking for a way to transport it on my truck for cheap. I have a 2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac without crossbars. I have a budget of about $100. I looked into Yakima products and to get everything I need would cost more than my boat. I look forward to hearing some advice. Thanks guys.

Easy Peasy
Place a couple of pool noodles across the top of your truck as support for the kayak and to prevent scratching your vehicle.

Open the doors of your vehicle and run the tie down straps over the kayak and through your vehicle to secure.

Attach a bow and stern line for an extra safety measure and you are good to go.

If you want to play,
you got to pay !

Jack L

If you’re going on the highway…
the pool noodle and straps thing will work fine, but

  1. strap the bow to your front bumper somehow (doesn’t have to be super tight), and
  2. something to make sure the kayak doesn’t slide sideways would be good. I’d probably run your lines through the pool noodles and loop them around the kayak, tied on top, THEN run them through the doors. Then you don’t lose the noodles and the kayak doesn’t wander back and forth on your roof.

    But I’m kind of overkill guy when strapping down loads…

save and shop used
Pool noodles or foam pads are fine in a pinch. But doing this regularly, you’ve likely to damage your truck roof.

I found a used rack for my car @ about $150. From there you can add foam blocks ($30) and if desired, you can save for j cradles or a stacker attachment.

Why not?
Just shove it inside and let it hang out the back.

Thanks for all the advice but I’m pretty much just going with magooch’s idea. I’m opening the rear window of my truck and sticking the front part of the kayak in there and then strapping down the back to make sure it doesn’t go anywhere. Though I plan using the foam noodles to cushion the spots where the kayak comes in contact with the truck. Thanks again you guys.

Roof racks
If you are going to just stick the 'yak in the back of a truck then make sure it’s tied down, and that it

has a red flag tied to the far end if it sticks out more than a couple of feet past the bumper.

If it sticks out more than the law allows, then a cop will be happy to tell you how much is allowed as he writes out a ticket. (If he doesn’t know then he will tell you to look it up yourself – as he writes out the ticket.)

It wouldn’t hurt to look it up beforehand.

About that
Yeh I’ve been meaning to check on that. Thanks for the reminder.

my misunderstanding
If you can get a good part of te boat inside your truck - you’re all set.

ladder rack
you can find ladder racks or hitch extenders on craigslist and ebay for under $100. I think I paid like $50 for 2 ladder racks on ebay when I use to use a 4 door Dakota and it worked great.

Ladder Racks
I really like the ladder racks idea. I might use it if I ever need to transport more than one kayak.

Transportation solution
Where are you located? I may have a deal for you. Does a Yakima Outdoorsman fit your truck bed?

Central Louisiana
I’m located in Central Louisiana. And I think it may.

pay a little more