transporting kayak cross country

I’m looking for somone who will be travelling from the pacific northwest ( Anancortes ) to parts east - through Ohio, or otherwise getting somewhere in the vacinity cleveland OH.

My transportation fell through and I have a 17’ Baidarka waiting to find it’s way home.

any suggestions?

home brewer.

Have you looked into having it trucked
using Forward Air or someone simular? I have used them for a couple of WW kaykas.

Not Sure I Would Use Forward Air
or any other general shipper with a SOF. I’ve used with plastic and small glass boats (well wrapped and protected). Not sure a SOF will hold up well to the handling, unless you seriously wrap alot with bubble wrap. The thing would be huge and cost even more for size and not necessarily weight.

Look for folks traveling cross country.


If you have a nice kayak and want it to get to you in one peice I would use Steve at KAS transport

He specializes in kayaks

I have had some friends that Foward Air broke their kayak, then it took months to settle and he had to really push them to get them to pay for their


So he was without a kayak for months ,bad deal!!

2nd the K.A.S. idea…
Steve has helped me a few times, all recieved their boats in perfect condition. Reach him at 585-313-9467

Third vote for KAS
Steve delivered my yak right into my garage!

Thanks for your help - Trying to contact KAS now.


Try Craig’s List