transporting kayak on Mazda3i sedan?

when considering transporting kayaks, I have been most concerned about the height of the vehicle. A Subaru outback, which I currently own, is about as high as I can go! So when we began looking at sedans and zeroed in on this model Mazda, I assumed I would be able to transport my 16+ ft boat. I checked both Yakima and Thule’s websites and there are no racks for this model. Am I right to infer that this model can’t accomodate a roof rack and does this apply to many common non-convertibles? I had thought you just popped on the right rack and some saddles and off you went!

does list 2006 Mazda3 4 and 5 door models on its web site.

So does Thule.

I have a Mazda3 hatch
And have no trouble transporting my Ocean Kayak caper. Of course it’s quite a bit shorter than yours. I have a Yakima roof rack. I am pretty sure both make racks to fit the sedan as well.

Don’t know about Yakima and Thule
but I have found several other instances where company websites lag behind actual availability. Do they have a phone number? Probably dealers like NOC, Piragis, REI would check for you and get the latest information.

year/ website lag
thank you for your responses and suggestions. I looked only under 2007, where there are some models, but not the 3 series listed. I will inquire as suggested and I will check to see if there were any changes between the 2006-7 Mazda 3 sedan roofs!!