Transporting Kayak without carrier ? ?

I am going to buy a SIT Kayak(maybe a zest two?)can I transport it home on my Ford Explorer without a Yakima carrier. I do have a standard roof rack on truck. What do I need to do for a secure ride home on the Interstate? Do I tie it up with the bottom down or like a canoe(top down) ? Any hep would be appreciated ? What kind of rope and where do I tie it >Thanks !

for about $30-40
you can buy a universal foam block and webbing carrier. Most specialty boat stores, and bigger sporting goods shops too, have Riverside brand foam block carriers. The universal style works both with and without a factory rack.

Also. ask at the shop where you are buying, what works best for the boat you are getting and your vehicle.

If it looks like rain, tie it top down.
Really, it depends on the kayak. My little Necky Sky transports best top down. The universal blocks will do the job on a temporary basis, but you may want to look at getting a set of Yakima or Thule racks. Be sure to tie it tight and stop a few times if you can to check the straps or rope. Keep the speed down the first time out too.

Thanks for the tips
I appreciate your tips and input. Everything said will help this rookie out[ me :slight_smile: ]. I am reading and getting tips everyday. I still can use a few more. Have a safe Summer guys. Roy

Explorer rack will work fine…
I carry 2 kayaks on my wifes explorer a couple of times a year for vacation. If fact, I just got back from a 1100 mile one way trip to Key West using the factory rack with no problems at all.

I won’t invest in a new rack because I use a trailer most of the time, but for a few trips a year, the factory rack is fine. Just make sure you use bow and stern lines.

I tie mine down top down and use ratchet straps. Run the strap over the hull, around the rack crossbar, and back over the kayak around the other crossbar. in other words, each strap will go over the kayak twice and loop over the rack. I use the ratchet straps that do not have the metal ends, they are just one strap that feeds back into the ratchet.

Use 2 straps (one on each crossbar) over the kayak and use a bow and stearn line from the ends of the kayak to both bumpers. The bow and stern lines don’t hold any weight, they just keep the kayak on top incase of a rack failure.

I usually tape a piece of foam pipe insulation to the crossbars on the rack before the kayak is strapped down… this allows me to tighten the straps down alittle more because of the extra cushion.