Transporting kayak?

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Hello all I am new to paddling and to this board. I'm excited to get into the sport and this forum has proven to be a good source of info!

I am picking up my new RTM Disco today! I have a pick up truck w/ a bed that is 7'5" w/ the tail down - and I want to lay the boat down. The boat will be sticking out roughly 7 ft. Will this damage the boat?

I will have to drive it 55 miles to get home. I plan to get or make a bed extender in the future for better, safer transport.


Not the way to go.
You can make an inexpensive system with a roof rack on your cab. and a rack in the rear placed in the stock post holes on your pick up. The roof rack can be a simple surfboard strap on pad set. The rack on the rear can be built with 2X2 stock in about a half hour and padded with pool noodles. There are also systems that fit to the trailer hitch that let you rest the kayak there. You don’t want your kayak sticking 7 ft out the back of the truck driving in Southern California.

Pick-up transport
I have a Nissan Titan- I don’t have post holes, is there another way to inexpensively fab a rack in the rear? any pics or links?

Where can I get a surfboard strap on pad set at a good price?


Go to the junkyard
and get a lumber rack. You can pad the bars with pool noodles.