transporting kayaks

Hi, I am new to kayaking and I am looking for a wheeled carrier to get my kayak from my car to the water. I have seen these only once so far and I am wondering if anyone can recommend a brand and dealer in New Hampshire where I can purchase one. Thank you for your time. jkands

If you can buy locally…
by all means, do so. If you can’t, there are always quite a few carriers on eBay.

If you look at them online
you will find that you can make one for less than $15. I made 2 of them got the wheels from Northern Tool but you can find them at your local dollar store sometimes.

Make Your Own for Under $30.00
Parts are easily obtained at local marine shop and Wally World. Best thing is that the plan I used is that it breaks down real easy so you can put it in your rear hatch and have it readily available at your take-out.

Several women in the local kayak club have made one. Holler if you would like copy of the plan.

Stay safe on the water,

NC Cal

I would love a copy of the plans for the cart. I just can’s see spending over $100 for a cart.

Please e-mail the plans to me. Thanks

EBAy gem I just bought
On eBay, there is always a listing for a kayak carrier, and I bought one, got it last week, and it is SUPER> I swear, it is not me selling, them (and trying to advertise here). I wish I had the seller’s info; it was $49.99 (mulitple listings, so just bid and eventually you will win at the lowest price), the shipping was about 15 bucks, and this carrier, with pneumatic tires (removable) is better than anything you could makefor $30 plus your time. I will see if I can find a link for you. I wanted a small carrier, but a sturdy one. This is small enough to break down and fit in my storage area (barely), but I will admit that generally I just walk it back to my truck. Anyhow, I feel it to be a bargain compared to the $100 jobbies, and the seller shipped it quickly and it comes with cords. I will find a link. cooldoctor1

That is the seller name, and the eBya listing says canoe / kayak carrier, inStep, NIB! Auction starts at $49.99 and there are lisitngs from this seller all the time (several now). The pictures do not do this carrier justice, and again, I think if you are considering mking one, this may be a viable alternative. Even comes with tie downs, that would be about $5 each if you bought them. cooldoctor1

Just how far do you have to tow your kayak anyways? It might be hard to find a cart because people might feel there’s little need for one where you live.

boat carrier
ll bean has a great one for $100.