Transporting Kayaks

Anyone out there transporting two kayaks while pulling a 5th wheel RV? Wife and I are full-time RV’ers and would like to kayak but haven’t figured out a good way to carry them yet. I’m thinking a front mounted t-bar on our truck to our roof mounted thule bike roof rack. Would appreciate any thoughts on this method or other suggestions. Thanks

That is what I was going to say
Front mount hitch and a bar in the cab.

That’s the best way I’ve seen,
but other options are folding or inflatable boats, or such short kayaks that they are stored on end at the rear of the trailer.

An 8’ kayak wouldn’t be my choice, but I’ve seen folks do it.

I also have seen full size kayaks stored on the roof of Class A and C motorhomes, but that’s got to be a pain.


A couple of Pakboat folding kayaks might be worth considering as an option. Around 20 lbs,each, pack down to a duffel bag, set up in 20 minutes and won’t add a lot of weight or wind resistance to your rig. Nice boats, paddle well, very comfortable and perfect for all sorts of travel. Priced around the same as an average good quality plastic 'yak. We’ve got “hard” boats too but we bought folders for long trips – it really simplifies things.

missing something
Um…I must be missing something. What about the top of the RV? A 5th wheel trailer is going to have a very long top, should be lots of room up there for a couple kayaks.

Bill H.

Sell the fifth wheeler and get a travel
trailer !

You have three options which you already know

  1. the T bar on the front bumper if they are regular long sea kayaks
  2. verical on the back of the rig if they are small rec boats
  3. On the roof which requires a helicopter to get them up and down

    Jack L