transporting qcc

buying a honda element and would like to get input on the best ways to transport qcc 600&700 thanks rich

Set of Racks and saddles
Be sure to place the racks so they are under your bulkheads and everything should be fine.

Racks and saddles as stated. Sometimes things don’t work out where you can place the saddle under the bulkheads, which would be best. The way mine works out I have one saddle just forward of the front of the cockpit and the second is at the forward strap of the rear hatch. I have a small wagon. Have been transporting one or two QCCs like this for about three years now and it works fine.

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I have an '03 Element
AFAIK, they haven’t changed materially since then.

We use a Yakima (GASP!!! NOT a Thule???)rack with the Hull Raisers.

Other than a pretty long lift (bring a step stool!) to the roof, our Impex boats ride up there just fine. I can’t imagine why your QCC boats would be any different.


I have an Element
I looked at the Honda OEM roof rack but it only had a 60 lb. rating. I consider that a roof ornament, not a load carrying system.

I bought a Yakima rack. They makes towers that bolt right into the the hard points on the Element roof. Very well engineered.

The only negative is the bars are 30" apart. This works okay but looks a bit odd. In addition to the rack straps you DEFINITELY want to use front & rear tie-downs.

I can load my single from the side by myself, but I load my double from the rear of the Element. I throw an old shag bathmat up there, put the stern of the boat on my cart, wheel it over to the car, put the bow on the bathmat, then pick up the stern & push it onto the racks. Works pretty smooth and I haven’t dropped a boat yet.

If you send me an email & can send photos of my Element rack.