Transporting SOT Kayaks

I am seeking ideas to transporting two Ocean SOT kayaks. I drive a GMC Acadia and currently can only fit one kayak on the car. The car came with a manufacture rack and cross bars. The Ocean kayaks (Malibu 2 XL & Yak Board) are two wide to carry side by side flat and the J cradle racks seem to small to carry them on their sides. Am I missing something? Is there a way to transport both kayaks?

transport racks
the J rack’s should work, but can’t you just stack the ocean kayaks? Check with a local outfitter, Good luck. John

Where are you going?

try stacking them
You might get the yakboard to fit in the other kayak. Like this … or turn it on edge … be creative

Or you could break down and buy a yakima roof rack with 52 inch bars … that’s how I do it. Depending on your factory rack it may be possible to mount the bars using one of Yakima adapter systems.

I load one in the Js and one upside
down. I swa someone with 2 stacked as suggested above.

Back window
Does the rear window open like a hatch on the back? If so, just open the window and slide one of them in the back. It will stick out of the rear window just a bit, but oh well.