Transporting/Storing kayaks

Two quick questions. I will soon be purchasing two SOT kayaks – each being 16’ long, 28’’ wide, 65 lbs(specifically, two Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160i’s).

I plan to store them alongside my house (it’s shaded and fairly protected), though I live in Southern California where it gets quite hot even in the shad. I plan to transport them to/from the ocean (about an hour away on the freeway) in my old 740 Volvo wagon, which has a permanent roof rack (consisting of 4 beams about 2’’ wide which form a rectangular frame, about 4 foot long and about 3 feet wide).

  1. What’s an inexpensive way of storing the kayaks that won’t damage them? Is there a cheap commercial product that will do the job well? Should they be stored upright, upside down, or on their side?

  2. What’s an inexpensive way of transporting both of them on my car – i.e., is there a good but inexpensive commercial product that will somehow attach to my existing rack?


Cover them in tarps
Sunlight will damage them over time uncovered.



Keep them inside. Furniture is overated
Depending on how strong your crossbars are, you can just use pool noodles as padding for your boats and transport them upside down.

2 bike hooks, 2 straps
2 bike hooks $3.50. Two cam straps (or rachet straps) $10.95 tops. That will hang one kayak. Under $15 per kayak.

I don’t think they will fit
two across. The width of the rack is only about 3ft, and each kayak is over 2ft. wide

Try this You will need the mounts also. About $100 but check your crossbars for sturdiness.