I’m looking at getting my first Kayak and I’m pretty excited.

My main question is how does everyone transport them?

I have a '04 Silverado ext. cab. Picture can be seen here:

I have a access roll-up cover that attaches to the bed, I use the bed filled with camping gear throughout the season, and I have the sportworks bike rack that attaches to the hitch for the Mtn. Bikes.

Sooooo… What options do I have? Is there a high rise that will go in the mount holes in the top of the truck bed that don’t have to attach to the sides of the truck so it doesn’t interfere with the Access roll-up cover?

Or is the ext. cab enough to handle maybe a Thule or Yak rack on the roof and keep the Kayak stable?

Thanks for the input and hopefully you will be seeing a lot more of me around here!

how long is the kayak you’re getting? Just curious, what model/brand?

Looking at an ACE 4.7
I’m going to be looking at a used Wave Sport ACE 4.7 tonight.

I’m 5’7" @ 180lbs, size 8.5 shoe.

Clamp On Rack
You might consider a rack that clamps on the bed. They run about $500. You can get racks installed on the cab. It all depends on how much you want to spend.

Even with all your camping gear, you don’t have room to put the Ace in the bed of the truck?

the cab
should take the rack and boat weigth ok. A friend has a 02 or so and roof racks his 14’ boat.

I have a Yakima Rack…
… I have a Yakima Rack on the roof of my Dodge Dakota 4X4 with the extended cab. Yakima makes an extender bar set-up that is just for trucks with the club/extended cab. The clamps will clamp securely inside the door openings, without interfering with closing the doors. Once you get everything set, you can take the rack off , and put it back on pretty easily. I take mine off every winter. I can take it off in 10 minutes.

… I carry two kayaks on the rack system One is 17’ long weighing 55 Lb,and the other is 14" long weighing 40 Lb. No problems at all. Just use stern and bow ropes, as well as straps on the kayak.

… One kayak set-up uses two mako saddles. I like these for my composite kayak, as they “give” if you hit a bump, instead of stressing the glass or gelcoat. I put the felt pads on them so as to not scratch the gelcoat.

… I have Mako saddles, and Hully rollers for the other kayak. (rollers to back of cab)

… I have a tarp cover on the back of my bed, so to load the kayak, I put a folded blanket or towel on the tailgate, directly behind the rack, and sit the bow of the kayak on the folded towel, Then I go to the back of the Kayak, and push the Bow of the Kayak up into the rack. It is then a simple matter to push it into place. I get it off by pulling it back over the tailgate the same way.

… I have done 65 mph with both kayaks on the roof, and have never had a problem.

Good Luck!

does he even need a rack though?
The Ace is a whitewater boat that is under 8 feet. It should easily fit in the bed of the truck which is why I was inquiring about his camping gear.