whats the best vehicle for moving kayaks ?

I usually use my right shoulder for my boat and my left hand for my paddle.

Mr. Bertha,
interesting name for a guy.

Anyway, I guess you’re asking about car preferances.

I use whatever I have at the time. From MG Midgets to Chevy Tahoe and lots inbetween.

I guess the best would be a small station wagon, with roof rails. Easy on and off, good crossbar spread. Room for gear.

Of small wagons, I’d pick the BMW 325 or the Mercedes C320.

Not that I have one. But if Santa’s watching this…


Moving Yaks ?
Hi Bertha,

I have a pickup truck with front and rear racks.

Best vehicle for haulin yaks you could hope for.

I can even fit 2-3 yaks on the racks (hey that rhymed)! comfortably and they are easy to just slide on and off from the rear.

The humble pickup is THE BEST vehicle for yak transport, PERIOD!



Jeep Cherokee Sport
Kin’ yer say “welded raingutters”


I think a compact station wagon
is hard to beat. Not too high to load, enough purchase area to keep a rack and several kayaks in place.

Volkswagon Thing

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With a Yugo being a close runner up

Moving Van nm

Ditto g2d . . .
We like our Ford Focus wagon. Not too high to lift the boats, large-enough roof area, plenty of room in the back through the hatch for all the gear, plenty of power and handles like a sports car. Ford quit making this car, as well as the Focus Hatchback. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! When this wears out, if we can afford it, The choice will be a small Subaru wagon.

One with four wheels


Oh Jackl!
You’re sooo funny!

A Trailer
Very handy. Don’t have to lift it up on the roof.

You don’t have to lift the trailer up
on the roof?

Maybe that’s why people keep looking at me funny.