Trapped!.. in a NRS Motion jacket

My Motion jacket just arrived. It’s a small and seems like a good fit for my 5’6", 150 lb frame with a 30" waist.

Had a bit of a struggle getting it on but I thought that I might have to 911 the EMS for the jaws of life to get it off. Actually ended up next door and, with someone’s help, managed to get it off. Need I mention that she got a hoot out of it…

Is there some ninja secret for getting this sucker on and off without channeling Harry Houdini?

stretch or trimming
Any drytop will need to have its gaskets stretched or even trimmed before it will fit comfortably.

Thanks but…
It’s not the fit that is the issue… it’s getting it off without using a hacksaw. I’m going to experiment with some contortions and see if I can figure out the proper body mechanics to make it work right after I get off the phone with David Blaine.

Head first…
Get your head out first, then pull the rest up and over your head, then pull your arms to turn the jacket arms inside-out, then work the wrist gaskets.

try a
synthetic or “baselayer” top under the dry top , it’ll slide off the baselayer.


NRS sizing
is on the small side. Forewarned is forearmed.

Or is that forwarned is forarmed? Or fourwarned is fourarmed?


I got a shirt from them(XXL) and felt

– Last Updated: May-28-08 1:47 PM EST –

like I had been swallowed by a python. My wife had to help me get it off.I normally wear an XL.

Pull the waist\bottom as high up on my shoulders as I can get it, then pull my head through, then hands. Works better than trying to work the bottom up while trying to extract my head. Sometimes feel like a raccoon with my head stuck in a tin can…

…After recovering I did try to think like “Houdini” and decided to become a parallelogram. Putting it on right arm first, then head, and drag the left arm in last. Then just reverse the process. Actually went very smoothly.

But just in case I went “in” with a knife, cell phone, flashlight, and power bar. I was ready for bear!