Trash while Paddling!

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Okay, okay, I was having fun. I am sorry, but you all answered so seriously after I posted that I cold not help myself but to write in about the lid. A soil analyst. A eco-friendly Texas Lady. A chemist. Brasilbrazil wuith storm paddle. guideboatguy, scupperfrank, perniciouseve and danny benign. You are all fun. And you are all right. Hey, anyone whjo reads this will learn something (as I did in a sense... a million years! really? for glass?). Anyhow, you;ll all be happy to know that I carry in and carry out. Hey, but Texas lady, I gots to admit, I dno;t really carry my toilet paper out, used. Honestly, I dig a hole and fill back in. I will put this on a forum now, please respond there as I don't wish to ruin this nice idea panel. Please RSVP on taht new forum.. that I am starting, riiiiight, NOW!

(see separate forum). Honestly though, does everynoe carry in and out even toilet paper? Used? What about dishwater, used? I agree completely about apple cores as texas lady states, but what if they are disposed of discretely (not on a picnic area, gravel bar). Anyone actually have a good idea about trash disposal or removal; novel ways of packing trah or getting it out (besides soup jars)? :)

Ha! Had me going there
As I mentioned in my reply on the first thread, I figured you were kidding “at first”, but eventually changed my mind because you were such a good actor. Funny too, since I couldn’t remember ever hearing anything else from you that out-of-wack. Thanks for the laugh.

On many western rivers, you strain
your dishwater and carry out food particles, you use a firepan and only your own fuel for campfires, carry out the ashes, and if you are a solo canoeist or kayaker, you pee in the river, poop on coffee filters, cram the poop and filters into a watertight container such as a welding rod container, and carry it out.

Not as bad as it sounds, and it does keep dry western campsites from being ruined.

burn tp
Most of the guys I paddle/pack with burn thier TP in the cathole they just used. I like to use hand or baby wipes instead of TP, and I carry those out in a ziplock bag. Yes I admit it’s kind of gross, but in high use areas, I would rather live with a little inconvenience, than be part of the problem. And if you don’t beleive this is a problem, walk the 50 yrds around a camp site in the St. Regis canoe area in the Adirondaks, I guarantee you’ll step on at least one too shallow cathole or unburied pile of human waste.


Yes, I really carry it out or burn it.
Yep, you got me with your joke, too, but unfortunately, there are too people out there who would think your idea of sinking a glass bottle filled with trash into a lake was acceptable. Why else do we find so much trash along the highways, in parking lots, on our boat ramps, in the woods, rivers and lakes, and on the gravel bars?

If you’d ever camped in a high traffic area where lots of people buried their “paper” you’d discover that there weren’t many places to bury yours without discovering theirs. Ick. It also doesn’t decompose as fast as people think it does. The Eleven Point River comes to mind…with TP in too many places.

For day trips I carry a zip lock bag for disposal of that type of trash, to be placed inside another bag for disposal later. On river camping trips, I discreetly burn it when possible.

I have actually found an entire designated camp site on the Eleven Point River in Missouri with TP dotting the landscape. Walk a short distance to the trees or bushes on many gravel bars on any river and find TP on the ground because someone didn’t want to deal with it in a responsible manner. They leave it on the ground because the idea of packing it out is (a) embarrassing, (b)icky or © just too much trouble.

I don’t have any objection to burying your toilet paper if you are in a very remote area that gets very little traffic and has suitable conditions for quick decompostion, or burning it under appropriate conditions.

Sorry if I came across stuffy, but you rattled my cage. On nearly every river trip, I pick up a full bag of empty beer and soda cans, food wrappers, bait containers and water bottles that others have left behind. It only takes a few people to mess it up for many.

I have learned something.
And appreciate your ideas. I think esp texaslady is a great ideal if u really leave an area with more trash than u brought in to aid cleaning, that is really a super model to follow. And burning my TP is a reasonable thought too. So I have learned a lot here.