Trashed canoe

A neighbor had a canoe out front for trash pick-up, so I brought it home. I’ll have to do some fiberglass repair on it. My question: there are no manufacturer markings, only ser# LCN16333M76D. Anyone know who the manufacturer might be with this number? Thanks

A Quess

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Lincoln. Go to their web site and see if it looks like one of their hulls as they haven't changed their line of canoes in years. The last two numbers should mean that the manufacture year was 1976, but their "Concord" model goes back that far if I am not mistaken.

neighbor’s trash
Doesn’t the neighbor know?

Maine Marine
According to the database maintained by the USCG,the manufacturers ID of LCN belongs to Maine Marine Company of Waldoboro Me. They made boats from 1974 to 1984 when they went belly up.

I’ll send Lincoln an email Friday and see what response I get. The end caps, which are large, look similar to those on the Concord. The bow and stern profile is simiar to the Old Town Trapper- rounded.

Neighbor doesn’t know.

Well, if the canoe is from Maine Marine and they’re defunct, I’ll make the best of it.

Appreciate everyones input.

Once up on the Saco…
…River in Maine I finished a three day run down from NH and was waiting for a pre-arranged shuttle guy to pick me up. While I hulled my gear out I saw an older couple gettin’ their chubby ol’ Lincoln canoe ready for launch. They had a nice little picnic basket and all the trappings for a pleasant afternoon on the river – including a full-size folding aluminum chair. She set up her chair behind the bow seat – facing backwards… Soon they were settled in and on their way. He paddled along and she enjoyed the show… He’d take 2 or 3 strokes on one side – a baton twirl with his paddle – followed by 2 or 3 strokes on the other side and another stylish twirl… On down the river they went ‘till they were out of sight. She must have watched him paddle her around for 40 years… and she had the most contented smile on her face… I’d bet big money he was just as happy as she… Here they were still courtin’ after all those years…

Lincoln Canoes… they do make me smile… ;^) - Randall

Lincoln’s MIC
Lincoln Canoe’s Manufacturer Identification Code (MIC), the first three characters of the Hull Identification Number (HIN), is TOL. As someone said, the MIC “LCN” is actually for Maine Marine.

The canoe is indeed a 1976. In fact, it was certified in November of 1976. Pre 1984 boats had a slightly different numbering scheme so the letter “D” at the end represents the month of November.