Travel paddle advice

Hello all,

I’m looking for a paddle to take with me on trips. I briefly thought about buying a rifle case for my two-piece paddle, but considering the state of airport security, I’m thinking a 4-piece paddle is the way to go.

And I figure while I’m at it, I may as well go all the way. Seems like Lendal makes the best 4-piece paddles, though I’m willing to be swayed by a good argument.

If I do go with a Lendal: any opinions on the Kinetik Tour S vs. the Kinetik wing blades? I’m used to an Aquabound Expedition, so I’m thinking the tour S blades would feel more familiar.

I’ll be using the paddle with rented boats on trips, although at times I’ll pack my Innova Safari ducky. I’m 5’11", 160, and I tend to vary my stroke, although I fall back to chicken winging when I get tired.

With that in mind, any suggestions on shaft length, and bent vs. straight as far as Lendal goes? I’m used to a straight shaft; demo’d a Werner bent shaft and liked it, but didn’t go far. Usually paddled a 230cm in a wide cockpit, but what I’ve read makes me think a 220cm might mean less strain and better technique.

Unfortunately, I live in Korea and won’t have a chance to demo, so I’m rolling the dice on an Internet purchase and hoping it works out.

Werner as well
If I recall correctly they do special order 4p as well.

Can not go wrong with a Lendal
All 4 piece blades and shafts are interchangeable. Personally, I prefer the Windswift by Eddyline Kayaks. Available in a 4 piece. I prefer a smaller bladed paddle and find the Windswift as my perfect all around paddle.

Aqua-Bound has your paddle in a 4-pc
If you like your current A.B. Expedition, why not just get a 4-pc version? You’ll save quite a bit of $$$ also, close to 50% cheaper than the Lendals. I’d also recommend you pack/protect 'em well, the airlines crushed 3 of the 6 paddles we took to Greenland.

Had a AB 4 piece and the joints went
wobbly. Went Lendal and never looked back.


of the folks
i travel and paddle with, lendal seems to be the “go to”.

as for how sturdy they are…we’ve decided we aren’t paddling ourselves forward so much as pushing the world back.

You have it right
The Lendal Kinetic Tour S would be great and 220 sounds good. You might even consider 215 and the 10 extension so you could go 225 in a wider boat and 215 for narrower boat. The carbon blades are lighter, but the fiberglass blades are fine and very durable and less money.

If you are getting the crank shaft, the length is pretty important, since your hands will be more or less forced into the given position.

The four piece construction has been very reliable and durable. Just make sure you always have the key with you. Buy a few extra and have one in your pfd, day hatch, glove box, etc. Otherwise you are stuck with a 60 degree feather - which is great if that is what you like, and a bit of a loose connection.

If a two piece will fit safely in a gun case, that’d probably be the way to go. (unless you’re loking for an excuse to buy a 4 piece)

My daughter works for an airline that serves a part of the country where hunting is popular. They handle a lot of gun and bow cases and hunting dogs. They are extra careful with gun cases because of extra security/scrutiny.

guitar case
you could probably rig up a guitar case to carry a two piece paddle.

when I flew in December
they made me check my NRS 2-piece travel case.

Your results may vary.

TSA says “no” to carry-on paddles
There is one p-netter who works for the TSA - Last time I spoke to him on the phone, I asked him if they would allow paddles through security. I could have guessed the response - “Gerry, we take pool cues from people - what do you think?”

Yeah well - it was worth asking.

I’ve had no problems
. . . . traveling with two two piece Werner Ikelos paddles in an NRS paddle bag. As a precaution I packed the case with some paddle clothes as extra padding. I just check it with my other luggage. Yeah, the TSA opens it almost all the time, but so what?

can’t carry on
Checking paddles in your luggage would be okay. You just can’t carry them with you into the cabin.

Werner Camano and Lendal
My 4-piece Camano still has tight joints after seven-ish years. That said, I’d probably get a Lendal if I were buying now, for “better” performance and the mix-and-match feature.

As of September, when I last shopped for paddles, Lendal was supposedly coming off of some production problems. I’d check with a dealer who does volume in their paddles and make sure you don’t get an old one from inventory.

I ended up with a Bracsa IV Min. I hear that a two-piece Bracsa plus a heat gun equals a four-piece Bracsa. There again, check with an experienced dealer.

– Mark

golf bag
IMHO hard shell golf bag travel carriers are the ultimate kayak luggage. I bought mine from Dicks for about $70. Is long enough for 2 piece paddles as well as 4 piece and still enough room for all my paddling gear. Strong enough for my 200lb+ to stand on repeatedly so much less chance of gear dammage. Looks kinda like a small car roof box and I’ve used it as one strapped to the roof of a rental car. Has wheels so no back injuries at the airport. Lockable and big molded in handle, I’ve left it locked to a tree before now and if left right side up stayed dry inside through heavy rain. Can be opened and used as a kayak, left shut as a SOT or used as a tow behind gear barge if needed. And best of all airlines are much nicer to golfers than kayakers so I seem to get away with over weight much more often.

great advice…
… I was thinking about one for an international trip. I’ll have to measure the longest piece of my folder but I suspect the longest piece is still shorter than a driver.

I’ve never seen a paddle used
in a bar brawl scene

Lendal in Carry on
I often travel with a Lendal 4 piece in my carry on. TSA has never bothered me about it. They have made me check 2 piece paddles every time I tried to take one.

extra $$ for bags
Delta is implementing a $25 charge for more than 1 checked bag for most passengers…there are exceptions. Other airlines has already done this or will be starting this practice soon. Cabins are already packed with overstuffed carry ons, wait until these new rules go into effect. So, will it be worth an extra fee to you to take a paddle on a trip?

Remember, this is a corporate decision, so don’t take it out on the counter people. It was a customer service decision. Ha Ha

Good reminder. For domestic trips, it might be more cost effective to ship your items to your destination ahead of time. I’ll do that for the summer trip this year but for an international trip next year, I’ll simply have to budget for it.