Travel wheels / cart

If I get a super-large duffel to accommodate paddles and other gear (see other message), I’m also interested in a collapsible cart or wheelset to help move the duffel around – it’s gonna be big!

Has anybody tried this one from Campmor…

Looks like it’s tall enough to take the 50" paddle/gear duffel, but oh, those extra 7 pounds!

Or, should I just suck it up, be a m-a-n, and lug the thing around on my shoulder. Ouch – I once got a case of bursitis that way.

Thanks. --David.

Go compact

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I like this one:

This one is 2.5 lb.

wheeled duffle

Wheeled duffels look very nice, but…
… none of them is big enough to take a paddle. My two-piece Kalliste measures 46" when split. So I’m considering a plain 50" duffel, and adding the cart.

Thanks. --David.