Traveling to the US

Hi all,
I am here to clear my queries regarding traveling to the US.
I am a Canadian citizen. I am planning to visit US since I have some family and friends there. I have been making plans with some of my friends. However, I am told that it is very difficult for DUI convicts to enter US. I was convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol a few years ago. But I served my term in the rehab and came out of it 3 years ago. I have changed my old habits and I am a new person. But the mistakes I committed in my past is affecting my future.
I was reading online about the US Waiver entry process. It is said that the U.S can refuse admission to any person convicted of a criminal offense. So you should obtain a US entry waiver to ensure that you will not be denied entry.
I wish to know more about this. How long does this whole procedure take? And how should I apply for this? Since it’s been just 3 years since the term, would that be a problem?
Please tell me what to do.

A couple of weeks ago you were asking questions about taking your wife on a cruise in New England. Sounds like a change in plans. Your best bet for legal advice is to contact an attorney, or perhaps your family members in the USA can help you. Or you might try calling the US Dept of Homeland Security and inquire there.

I’m a dual national (USA and Britain) and so is my wife (USA and Canada) and we never have any issues going backwards and forwards to Canada (or anywhere else). What helps us is that we have trusted traveler status after enrolling in GOES (Global Entry). We just came back from a trip to Italy and strolled through immigration and customs.

What you might look into is applying for NEXUS which is the Canadian equivalent. It costs $50 for a five year membership.

Just tell ICE you’re Muslim, or a member of MS13.

You were told by who?

It looks like your single incident does not fall under the definition of “moral turpitude” crimes that would cause refusal : “At this time, driving under the influence, breaking and entering, disorderly conduct and simple assault are not considered crimes that make a person inadmissible to the U.S., although if there are multiple convictions and or other misdemeanors, you could be denied entry.”

So it looks like you would be OK if that’s the only mark on your record.

Something odd about this one, Rookie caught it too. Same person that was asking about island to island cruises with wife, and there is no reason that an old DUI should pose such a problem.

Ok, what connects us, a paddling community, with reliable knowledge of DUIs, convicts, and waivers? I see nothing about that in RAPID, The White Water Magazine, article The ABCs of Dirt Bags, by Hanna Griffen, page 38.

Well some of us in the paddling community regularly cross the border. And ergo know the sort of behavior that will cause you difficulty… For just me I have crossed some 4 times or more a year for fifty five years.

@kayamedic said:

For just me I have crossed some 4 times or more a year for fifty five years.

DUI. …Conviction waivers?