traveling with a kayak

How does one travel by plane to far away destinations with a 17’ hardshell kayak?

Sectionalize your kayak
or be ready to pay big $ for shipping it or taking it along on an airplane.

I learned the hard way with a golfbag that it is easier to rent. Plus, you don’t have the hassle of trying to figure out where to keep the 'yak when you’re not using it.

Stay safe on the water,

Long range idea
This is not a direct answer to your question, but the dilema of trying to access a boat you’d really like when far from home is one that we’ve considered since at least one of us is within fairly close range of retirement eligibility. We want to travel to places that are clearly plane distance and paddle on the ocean, and still have access to the caliber of boats we are used to at home. The key to renting the boat and/or having the trip you want in many places is having a certification from the BCU or ACA in hand. At a certain point, BCU 3 star and up and its equivalent ACA cert, you start finding that it is much easier to rent a better boat.

We really enjoy learning the skills that are part of this, and I could recommend pursuit of a cert just for the fun of it, but our original reason was much more selfish. We want to travel somewhere far away and rent nice boats.

Sectionalised boats
Sectionalised boats can still be expensive on planes which is how I came to acquire my three piece explorer. The previous owner talked the airline down from 400 to 200GBP to take it from England to Australia and sold it here after her trip rather than risk the cost of taking it back.

Tom Yost Folders

When I am retired and ready to travel, this is the route I will be going. No worry and PITA with finding an outfitter with the right boat or flashing “badges.” The boat fitted to my size and performance perferences would be traveling with me.


Or a commercial folder
if you lack the ability and or patience to build ( as I do)

Let’s Do One!
I want to try do one. Maybe, later this year (summer/fall). If it comes out right, you may have a folder to use on the Okinawa trip.


I have a suggestion



Chuck Has One Of Those
already. Me… I want something narrower and shorter, say 17’x19-20". In other words, I want more something more traditonal SOF dimensions (for me). I also don’t want to spend $2000 or whatever it is for a folder.