Traveling with a tandem

We will be driving to Boone Lake, TN (6 hr trip) and are worried about rain on the way down and back. Is there some cheap way to cover the cockpit on our Old Town Loon 160T to keep the rain out (if it rains) or is that something we should not be concerned about? We have it in our heads that if it rains it will fill the boat and crush my CRV!

Please help.

upside down
is it possible to just put it upside down on your roof rack? I do that all the time anyway; it lays more even on the rack with the large cockpit coaming of a tandem.

Haven’t ever tried that
Although, we have considered putting it up there upside down, with all the info out there about how to store and transport our kayaks, we didn’t think that would be a good idea. Is that an option we should consider? or will it damage our boat?

I’m not familiar with the design of your boat’s cockpit - if it has a rim, you might be able to rig a temp cover as follows.

Cut a piece of Tyvek building wrap so that it exceeds the cockpit size by about 6" all around. Fold the Tyvek over the rim, take bungee cord and stretch it tight over the Tyvek beneath the rim - really tighten it, hard as you can get it. This will keep water out and hold at speed…

cheap cockpit covers
i’m in the process of making my own cockpit covers; here are a couple of useful links:

Had a oldtowne twin otter
For a couple of weeks and during that short time we had a tandem, we transported it cockpit down like a canoe as it is a similar design (mostly all open except for the ends). You can use the foam for canoes that wrap the gunnels possibly but not sure as i dont know the loon. This will help cushion the boat from the roof or if using a roof rack put the canoe foam blocks so they wrap the bars for protection of the boat and once the boat is on them, they wont fly off. Worked well for us and still does when we use our canoe.

I have a 160T
And had the same concern, as the sky blackened and we knew that a frog drowing rain was fast on the way.

We just loaded it upside down, it acctually fit the rack better, closer to the roof. This is on a Nissan Quest minivan. The usual method is foam blocks on the factory rack.

Old Town also makes cockpit covers, they have straps to go around the boat so they don’t come off in the wind.

How the upside down method fits you car and rack system may be different. I suggest trying it out before hand. The 160T is heavy, so I know what doing so entails.

Good Luck.

Simple here is all you have to do

We also have a tandem.

If you don’t have cockpit covers, and there is a gully washer, just pull over and pump it out.

I have been through some storms where you would think the whole boat would be filled, and when I took a look there was only a inch of water in the boat.



I second Jackl’s comment . . .
We carried our Loon 138T flat, cockpit up, before we got the J racks - which also keep the cockpit up, but at an angle.

We have taken the boat through heavy Florida downpours and driving snow last winter coming down from NC, and we were also concerned that the boat would turn into a crushing bathtub.

It never happened - even driving 40 minutes through a heavy downpour, we only got 2-3 inches (maybe a gallon or so). We pull into a gas station with those high roofs and pump it out periodically. I get strange looks, standing on the back bumper, pumping out the boat with a kayak pump - but I tell 'em I’m making room for gas.

I have carried my tandems upside down without any problems. Sometimes they dent from tightening the straps too tight, but that pops out. I have also driven during a downpour with them rightside up, and only a small amount of water accumulates.

upside down
I have a loon 160 and a pamlico 160 and I have carried them upside down whenever rain is a possibility. If you have time to order a cockpit cover from Seals you will be happy with it. Check around, some places have them for that boat for under 50.00

here is an online vendor

They have what I believe to be the best price, but the delivery was not too fast. So if you have time your money will be well spent. cockpit covers are great during storage also to keep critters out.