Traveling with Inflatable

I am on vacation at Zihuatanejo, Mexico and brought my inflatable kayak as an extra bag. Last night I caught my dinner trolling off the beach. It has been fun having the flexibility to go out in the evenings at sunset and enjoy the view and go fishing. I would recommend it for vacation.

I am completely jealous
Not only of your kayak fishing in Mexico, but of your having an inflatable kayak of sufficient quality to do as you have done.

Have a great time and thanks for letting us share in your good fortune vicariously.

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What was the make of the kayak ?

Me too
I have had several inflatables and found them all reliable and fun. I have fished in lakes and rivers in AZ, CA, IL, MI, and WI, and even in the pacific ocean. One is a Sevy Tahiti style and the other is a Stearns with two person cockpit, and a single person Challanger. They don’t take up much room, easy to maintain and just the ticket for a quick take off when not wanting to strap on a hard shell. The only disadvantage is when there is a stiff breeze and you have to paddle harder. I rangered at a mountain lake in CA where the breeze and wind picked up in the afternoon. As long as you were back by noon, or coming back in, with the wind behind you, they were perfect.

Good Paddling


A good recommendation.
I travel (and fish with)IKs all the time.

Got a Sea Eagle, Thrillseeker and a Sevylor River X.

Only problem I ever had, was once discovering poke holes that were purposefully gouged in the duffel-logoed carry bag of one boat after I picked it up from a Florida airport baggage claim.(Okay, the vandalism might’ve occured when I left NY, but be wary.) I now use a hardcase luggage whenever transporting a ducky–with no sign of any boat logo, etc…I also highly recommend, stickin’ with bringing a boat along that weighs 30 lbs. or under! (You won’t keep up with any long hard tourers you might meet, but you get on the water cheap and easy with your own equipment.)