Traveling with kayak in sun for 12hrs?

I’m new to kayaking, and I’ll be visiting family in a few weeks and want to bring my new kayak, but my hesitation is that it will be in the back of my truck for the 12hr drive. I’ve read of the damages of excessive sun exposure and was wondering what you insightful people thought. Thanks

go for it…
12 hours of sun exposure isn’t going to damage your yak. storing it in direct sunlight for prolonged periods will.

have a safe trip and enjoy!!

UV Damage Is Long Term…
prospect. A constantly exposed kayak will last 6-7 years instead of 10. If you’re like most of us, you’ll be moving on another kayak well before that.

Sitting in the back of the truck would not stress the kayak. Strapping overly tight on a rack will cause denting (oilcanning) or eventually hull deforming along the same pressure points. Remedy – just don’t overtighten the straps and use bow and stern tie downs to minimize unintential kayak take off and flight.


I wouldn’t worry about it
I have kept two 17 foot poly kayaks on the truck roof for several months in the So. Florida sun.

When you are parked it would be good to loosen the straps.



Go for it, no worries
I have had my necky dolphin on the roof top or back yard exposed for about 6 years now and the color is still pretty good and hasn’t even begun to vaporize from beneath me, my CD Storm has also been on the roof top for the better part of 3-4 years, it has faded but still holding up.

Im talking 24-7-365 in South Florida

My motto,can’t use it while its secure at home.

I much rather have an abused kayak on the truck than a shiny rearely used one in the garage.



Canvas cover
If you have a very expensive top-line boat, you might consider buying (check Internet) or have your local canvas shop (awning, boat cover, etc) make you a custom sleeve for the boat. The cover keeps the boat protected from uv, bug strikes, and aids in theft prevention (out of site)

Sun Care
You might also consider spraying it with a little 303 or other sun care product for your gear.

Thanks everyone!

Don’t Worry About It
Last night I finished a 8 day, 3000 mile excursion from Coastal NC into TN, up to KY, back to TN, down to MS, and back home with my OT XL on the roof rack.

Only problems I had the entire trip were the crazy powerboaters in KY and the “dark cloud” that followed me everywhere. I experienced major thunderstorms 6 out of the 8 days but the XL is no worse for the wear.