Traveling with kayaks - Blooper Reel

Saw this on I-95 in southern Maine on Saturday. Two kayaks on the roof, with covers. Not quite sure why…but I’ll bet gas mileage wasn’t awesome.

Oh, and the guy was doing 85…

(photo taken by copilot…)

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THE Route 95? It’s just “95” or “I-95” (not “THE I-95”).

Cool pic of a not-cool wrap, though. I hope the driver stopped and checked it at a rest stop.

Please rest assured that not all of us idiots from New Jersey would do something like that. One friend of mine is so paranoid she uses 4 ratchet straps on her 10ft kayak. Another friend uses (used) paracord. Yes, we had a quick tie down lesson before he started driving.

Thanks @pikabike
Corrected. :slight_smile:

Saw this amazing image this morning.

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@Rookie Strapless evening gowns, strapless kayak racks…

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No photos but I sold a Folbot Super a few years ago. Long and wide boat. The buyer strapped it to the bare roof of his BMW sedan.
Must have done ok. I saw it on Jocassee a few weeks later.

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they have covers because they’re brand new from the factory. probably picked them up at a shipping hub and hadn’t yet gotten their rack sorted out. did the same thing when i had my new liquid logic shipped from the factory in NC to me in NM. i did make a stop at REI in Albuquerque first, and bought a rack before picking it up.image

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My favorite! No bow and stern tie down.



I actually travel distances with four straps for each boat plus one around the cockpit cover. And that loop clipped to some bungie.

Reason being that an older hand than me at kayaking asked my husband and l how we would handle it should the single strap at a given point fail. Frankly there are not enough bow and stern lines in the world to make me feel good about a major anchor point for 17 feet of kayak suddenly going m


When I was young and poor(er) I had a ‘63 Valiant Convertible and a 16 foot Frontiersman (of approximately equal value). I would tie the canoe directly on the soft top by running tie downs through the car. Somewhat surprisingly, I never lost the canoe or the roof of the car!


I had a 65 Valiant. Hadn’t gotten into paddling. It was a great girl transporter and never left me anywhere I didn’t want to be.

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But I bet it all looked fine while parked at the rest stop…

Wow, I had forgotten all about Valiants. My grandpa had a lipstick red '62 coupe and eventually replaced it with a metallic gold '66. We grandkids thought the pointy “rocket ship” styling lines and color of the '62 were drastically superior and told him the '66 was an “old man’s car.” In retrospect, both cars were hideous.

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What kind of girls want to ride in a Valiant? Just curious, asking for a friend.

“girl transporter” = friend zone :grin:

“Why am I only getting 8 miles per gallon, he wonders”

The kind of girl who was more interested in me than the car ; a very practical one. To whom I have been married 50 years.
Some advice. If the car is the issue, find another girl.


Exactamundo! The kind of girl who likes the driver/owner.