traveling with paddle

Hi All, any suggestions on taking your paddle on a plane? Don’t think they would allow it as a carry-on. Thought about a ski bag or gun case but hate to buy one just for one trip. I know they can be handled pretty rough. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, mainiac

Just Did That…

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my paddle was a one piece. I constructed a long box with cardboard to just fit the paddle, doubled up where it needed it for stiffness, and padded the blades with a little foam for protection. I inserted zip lock loops and reinforced with duct tape to prevent ripping. The zip lock loops allowed me to clip on a shoulder strap to make carrying that while carrying other luggage easier.

Oh... mark "fragile" all over the box and expect the airline to inspect. Surprisingly, when I got back to Boston, the handler didn't dump the box onto the luggage conveyer belt. Rather he brought the box in and leaned it against the wall. I thanked him for that. :)


traveling with paddle
That sounds like a great idea. I will be leaving from Boston also, to Vancouver, can’t wait! Putting fragile all over will help also, Thanks, Judi

I bought an inexpensive
hard plastic gun case, with foam padding. They ask me to open it when checking my luggage, but it has turned out to be a cheap and safe way to travel with my paddles. As a 46 year old woman, I have raised a few eyebrows, but oddly enough, most people ask me if I am a musician:)

Anyone just carry on a 2 piece?
Should stow well enough. Not a weapon.

“Not a weapon” ?
Depends. I have carried my 4 piece fly rods on the plane for years. I keep them in aluminum tubes. Now some airlines are requiring that you check fly rods in tubes because they are a weapon. Coming back from Grand Cayman yesterday they hand seached my luggage and made me remove the batteries from my dive light. You never know what weirdness to expect from airport security.

I was told they wouldn’t let you
because they could be used as a weapon…But you can always check with the airlines. Personally, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. It would just be like a person with crutches storing their crutches in an overhead bin. But I would ask the airline you’ll be flying on.

traveling with paddle
I had a friend that took her paddle to Fl. and had a real hassle trying to board the plane. The captain finally took it and put it in his locker(he was a paddler) but I don’t want the hassle. Will check out the price of gun cases, just thought they would be expensive. Thanks, Judi

I Don’t Think They Realize It Yet…
but a pen in the right hand is a weapon… Jeeze. I use to carry a small pocket knife. That became a no-no. Then my minimag became a no-no. Soon it’ll be my metal pen. I can’t wait until we have to get naked to get on a plane. :0


I took mine to FL
in a ski bag…with summer coming up, you might be able to pick one up cheap.

I actually had 2 paddles, a Greenland one piece and a Werner 2 piece. I wrapped all my clothes around the paddles and was nearly packed by the time I was finished. It made a pretty solid unit, but with the fragile stickers both paddles made it through without a scratch (which is more than I can say for my tent poles, which were all a bit bent…they were packed in a separate duffle bag, I guess not as well insulated).

I was told that I wouldn’t be able to take the paddles on the plane (Jet Blue).

I’d considered getting a PVC pipe to fit them in, but was afraid of getting shot by security on my way into the airport.


You can
get a cheap hard gun case for about $10-15. Have fun.

I’d love to take more time on this reply
but I’m way too busy putting a sharp edge on my american express card.



It’s going to fun next year
when I go to Mexico-I’m bringing 3 cameras and alot of my dive gear!Good thing I’m not bringing a tank-they’d probably think it’s a bomb! HAHA! They’ll likely think my hose on my BC is a weapon- I could probably beat someone silly with it! HAHA!Oh ya and 2 hardcover books? Yup, you can knock someone out with them! Oh ya and i could strangle someone with my thong underwear! HAHA!This world is totally whacked out!

traveling with paddle
I bought a hard shell gun case yesteday at Dick’s Sporting Goods for only 19.99. It’s perfect for a paddle( breakapart of course,) foam padded and all. Thanks to all for thier help, Judi

Check w/ Airline
I’ve traveled on planes with paddles since 9/11 and my experience is they will not let you take them on the plane, anymore than they will let you take on a baseball bat or a tennis racket because of the weapon issue. Someone could probably do more damage hitting someone with a laptop, but we won’t go there.

When choosing packaging or bags for your gear, look at each airline’s regulations for oversized and overweight luggage. These are based upon weight and the total of the overall dimensions (w + h + l) and can result in a hefty additional fee.

Take aparts are easiest to travel with. I use a well paddled paddle bag and bubble wrap the paddles.

Bubble sheeet wrapping + Duct tape
From Winnipeg to Paris, a pair of brand new Grey Owl Voyageur paddles, arrived with not a scratch.

At the shop in Winnipeg ( a short walk from the airport ) they wrapped my new paddles in that bubbly plastic sheets some use on their swimming pool.

However, I do not mind scratches on canoe gear. Serious canoeing is getting the gear all banged up, isn’it.