Travelling golfers query: hard shell

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Do airlines charge extra to check--as long as it is one of your two check in items and less than 50 lbs--these type of golf hard shell club bags? I am seeking a means o transport my Feathercraft without damage (I know some do it in the original soft case, but I would like more security). Any golfers know the answer? Anyone use these for kayaking equipment? Thanks

Postscript: TSc, I got the Feathercraft together! The company sent me the broken piece for a very smal charge and I fixed it and blew it up. It's stretching in my basement now, and I was ging to paddle it but it's now 45F here. So, maybe tomorrow evening with drysuit, as it looks, from what I can see here, like I'm swimming from this hard chined (four inflatable cambers) Airline series boat. I will try to post something on folding kayak forum.

No, they don’t
as long as it’s within the weight limit.


a word of caution
the TSA goons have a fettish for hard shelled luggage

just ask Brasil Brasil

totally trashed mine

Size matters

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The total outside dimensions of the bag, that is, length + width + height, must be within 62" or you will be asked to pay extra. But wait, hardshell golf bag may be an exception. American Airline: "Maximum free weight on golf clubs is 70 lbs. Size is limited to the size of a hard-sided golf case." But do they allow a kayak in a golf case? If so, people would start using golf case as a baggage.

Hey Bo?
You gotta come to grips with it man. It was because it was your bag. totally personal.



was finding it after we arrived at St. Louis Lambert Field. They sent it in the same plane, but unloaded it to a different conveyor belt.

As for TSA goons, Bo, you just got the gorilla crew from the old 70’s American Tourister ad, I guess.

But I gotta wonder, CoolDoc, if, in inspection, instead of seeing the usual mashies and niblicks they see these strange struts and fabric and such that they’ll unload it for a check and not quite put Humpty-Dumpy back together again. Maybe be a wing nut short and have a screw loose as they jam it back in the bag, so-to-speak.

But, then again, maybe that ain’t all so bad, seeing as there’s a lot of US in the same condition as we


-Frank in Miami

Thanks for the replies.
Very helpful info about American Airlines policy on golf bags.

And true, scupperfrank, I wonder if they will call the bomb sniffing dogs when they see, instead of Sam Snead perisimmon wood specials, an oodle of aluminum rods and a thick black hull skin.

I got a great deal on a new golf carrier (hell, I can use it if I ever pick up golf) on eBay, hard shell, and will tell you how it goes and if the darn thing even fits in there. I have an immediate concern… the tracking info for the hard shell golf “bag” says it weighs 18 lbs! OUch. The boat itself is about 50 lbs.

You are 2 lb under weight - perfect for a paddle.

I use a hardshell golf case…
… not for a folding boat, but for all the gear when I’m going somewhere I need it, like a major trip, training or assessment that needs a full kit (or at least I’ve done it once so far, recently to Tampa for the SWK Symposium). It’s especially useful for protecting the paddles from baggage handling.

The dimensions just barely fit into the excess luggage category, so I expected to get charged $50 or so extra. But the weight was over the limit even for excess baggage, so I was concerned about getting it on the plane at all.

Turns out no problem. There were a number of golf bags on the flight, and I realized the airline would have a mini revolution on its hands if they started charging for them, much less chucking them off the plane.

Moral – go someplace where golfers go too, that is warm. Don’t know what’d happen if you went someplace cold and had the only such bag on the plane.


Cool, David. Thx for sharing your…
…experience. And nice to know the TSA agents didn’t throw you in prison for carrying non-Arnie Palmer gear in a golf bag. That is reassuring, actually.