Travelling with SUP on long edge


New user here. I’ve searched the forums and found some posts about mounting SUPs in a position other than flat, but nothing that matches my situation, so I thought I’d ask the community to see if anyone has a similar situation, or thoughts based on experience.

I have a Sylvan Go EZ trailer, which mounts Thule bars at approximately waist height. I have traveled with two kayaks on J-racks and two bicycles on Thule Pro Ride racks, which leaves just enough room for my SUP to lay flat, but it’s a pretty crowded arrangement.

I’d like to support the SUP on edge, so I have more room between the items. I’ve been thinking about using a Suspenz wall-mount SUP bracket, and fabricating something so it can be mounted to a Thule bar.

The SUP is just a beginner’s type board, with a 30 inch width. One of the kayaks is also about 30 inches wide, so my hope is that although the SUP is a bit of a sail, it will be between the kayaks and appropriately tied down.

Anyone have any thoughts about this arrangement?



A lot depends on the construction, size and shape of your SUP. Iwould suspect that most manufacturers would not suggest you transport the board on edge on a trailer. If it is well padded and braced it may work but SUP beginner boards are often wide and not constructed to take the forces of wind and pounding on the rails of the board.

Thanks, SeaDart. That was my concern as well.