Triadelphia Reservoir in MD closed

Just FYI…all the web sites say open…I wasted a couple gallons of gas…and 25 miles…to get there and be told Rocky Gorge…is only open!

Ranger said …it MAY…re-open in August. As for the web site…I don’t really think she cared…ARGHHHHHHH!!!

It’s a pain in the neck for it still to be closed, but the Brown’s Bridge launch area at Rocky Gorge is only 5-10 minutes away. And if it’s the ranger I think you are talking about, she’s a kayaker, so she probably does care. In addition, she’s probably heard the same questions and comments about a zillion times. I’d rather be me and be frustrated than her and have to deal with a bunch of folks like me every day.

I used to live in Columbia MD and hiked around the reservoir often (before I knew about ‘yakkin’) Why is Tridelphia closed? Dam catastrophe? Or just damn regulations?

the dreaded snakehead maybe? :wink:

Since Both Tridephia and Rocky Gorge
are both overseen by the WSSC, it may be a budget issue.

Dam maintenance
Tridelphia has been closed all season because they let all the water out so they could work on Brighton Dam.

The silver lining is that if it ever rains, whatever accumulates they will let out, and you can paddle the little stretch of Patuxent between the reservoirs. Look for 100 cfs on the gauge near Brighton Dam and go paddle this stretch if it runs. There are a few strainers to deal with, but it is well worth it as this section is a gem.

~~Chip Walsh, Gambrills, MD

Just wondering why they charge $3.00
It feels like a rip. To have a boat in the water they charge $3.00…any other lake…as long as you don’t use the boat launch they don’t care!