Triak is back!

Rig a Baloghdesign sail
on a QCC and you’d have the same thing for about the same price Canadian but I bet you’d have a better pkg. with this combo than a Triak- Andy- when I ever get mine done I’ll give you a review.

something tells me that if you make a kayak into a trimaran it’s not going to be much of a kayak,but if you’re willing to be happy with hull speeds 5-6mph then making an upwind rig like the Balogh for a kayak would be worthwhile.

Apples and oranges

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Getting a trimaran will enable much less nervousness about capsizing while sailing in larger winds.

I would not paddle that boat unless stranded but I bet it is fun to sail. what does a hobie 16 sell for these days and what is the deal on setting it up or cartopping. I think there is a place for the triak

Curious in Seattle
What you probably saw was an Easy Rider kayak. They are made somewhere in S. Seattle area. They have outriggers and sails as add-ons. Check out their add in SeaKayaker magazine :slight_smile:


What happens in surf?
What do you all think happens in surf in this boat when loaded for an expedition. Just wondering.

Stay tuned
to this thread. Some of the questions will be answered.


What happens to a hobiecat in surf

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or a monohull small sailboat in surf. the triak is primarily a sailboat in my opinion, not a paddlecraft.

See the above post:Apples and oranges

doesn’t belong?

Sail much?

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yes you got to be more consevative in many situations in a sailboat. On the other hand once beyond the surf zone you can make a lot of miles.

Not many sailboats in my price range are as seaworthy as a sea kayak with a skilled paddler. Maybe I'll be that kind of paddler in a couple of years.

I dunno
I think if I had eight or nine grand to spend on a sailing vessel, I’d be looking for a decent used J/22.

I would not know abut a j/22

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can you cartop one! Are they easy to sell solo?also as i think of triak I am thinking more about 6 k than 9.

I spent a ton of time on a hobie some of it in florida. I crewed a couple of races on a contender, and sailed a couple of boats on the baltic thats about it.

And there will be a few used ones on the market, just waiting for a fair minded person to scoop one up.

I thought it looked cool, I wonder how it paddles? It would be neat to have the best of both worlds. a fast seayack and a sail boat combined! No wind no problem, just paddle it, when the wind picks up, say By by to your paddeling buds as you take off!!

If it paddles
like the dimensions of 17’9"x21", it should be ok. I would really like to check one out to see if it would be a boat I could do the WaterTribe Everglades Challenge in next year. On “paper” it looks like it might be work.