Tribute to a paddler & friend

I went in to Ann Arbor yesterday for a tree planting in honor of my friend Brian who lived in a brick cabin on this amazing piece of property for many years; the property owners sort of adopted him. It was a lovely gathering on a magnificent day. Nice spot for a white pine in your honor. I took his former solo and put it on the pond as we had done many times before.

Earlier in the day I paddled a section of the Huron River that I used to paddle often (and many times with Brian) but hadn’t been on in years. A good day.


That is a very nice tribute!

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Sorry for the loss of your friend. I am sure there are many good memories you’ll keep with you.

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A long time ago the Huron River was my refuge to retreat from graduate school. Many happy ours with the sun coming up on my bike in the misty countryside or on the water west of town.


God bless. Nice tribute.