Trick Surfing at Great Falls Video

Happy 4th of July weekend!
Here are some video clips of a kayaker trying some tricks while surfing the waves at the base of Great Falls. On the morning of June 28, 2020. Enjoy! And feel free to share! (and leave comments if you understand the moves this guy is trying)

Kayak Wave Surfing Tricks at Great Falls - in 4K!

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Another very impressive video and again very well done with the production. This time the paddler in the video matched your skill with the camera. There were a lot of neat moves on a really dynamic wave. The whole video really highlights the transition of slalom ww kayaking into squirt boating- holding the pivot turns turning them into stern squirts, the paddle throw was definately an old school move (personally I like hanging onto my paddle) but when the bow was buried deep and then sliced around and weight shifted to the stern so the boat would face downstream, that was all “new” school modern playboating.
Many really good paddlers have come out of DC slalom culture. Their skillset is off the charts, exposing the rest of us for what we are: just hacks who enjoy being out on the water. I boat because of the way it makes me feel…but it is cool to see some really skilled paddling even if it is at a whole different level. They’re definately feelin’ it at a whole different level.