Tried my first post C19 paddle today

Didn’t happen. Cloudy, windy, and a hair chilly. Got to hang out with my paddling partner for a couple of hours. Hadn’t seen her since December.
Another friend said it was so windy he only got 17 miles. Different strokes.
My short term paddling plan is short trips on calm, sunny days.


Here’s what stopped me from paddling here at home. Has been an abysmally cold spring.

That is just ugly! And a bit is headed our way.

oh no, no snow!
It was windy here today, so took a ww canoe into a lake to practice strokes. Good practice.

We have been luckier down here in the southlands (of Michigan). Cool & breezy on Saturday but sunny. we had 20 paddlers out for a trip on the Grand.

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Lovely day on the water down there for sure!

Snow melted but still cold and today the wind is gusting to 29. At least it’s partly sunny.

I miss the canoe groups of the midwest. Some of the best people around.