Tried the pole

Finally finished the “home depot” pole and put it to use today on a small, local lake. Took it easy and stayed upright and dry.

Can’t wait to get good at this, I see a lot of new places to explore using a pole.

way to go

as the rest of us
polers smile. Glad to hear you’re giving the knees a break, and expanding your field of vision. First time I poled was on a little brook (Flat Brook near the Delaware water gap) and in a short time I realized I was the only one able to see the woods and fields, and not just the banks. Nowadays I’d much rather pole some local cl. 1 and 2 than drive hours for a cl. 3 dam release with the OC’s.No shuttle , no schedule, no problems…

One advantage…
I hadn’t considered until today. Really improves the vision in the blackwater here, and I can see cypress stumps that I don’t notice until I hit them.

What did you use?
Did you use a closet rod or cut down lumber? I’m inclined to use wood rather than Aluminum but I can’t find spruce around here any more in the stores. I guess that’s a southern thing.

I think I’ll try to make one soon.

The only thing …
I could find was a closet rod. Even that took going to a real lumber yard, Home Depot and Lowes didn’t carry 12ft lengths.

Good for you, Davbart!
You’ll soon be hooked, I’ll bet.

I find that I would rather pole than paddle most of the time. I see you have already figured out that poling opens up more areas to explore and play. And as Matt mentioned, the extended visibility is a plus.

I poled up the Boise last week where the water was so low that the paddlers have given it up for the season. I could see the best routes from standing and pick my way through the shallow riffles where a paddler would be hitting the unseen high spots and struggling to find enough water work a paddle.

Matt - I like that line…“No shuttle , no schedule, no problems…” :wink:

Welcome davbart,
to a new dimension of water transportation! Be careful though, considering all the advantages it can be addicting and the time will come when you’ll actually dislike having to use a paddle when you get to deeper water.

If you fish at all you’ll also enjoy the ability of sneaking up on them with a wood pole. I’ve gotten my fair share of snook and other inshore saltwater (and freshwater) fish here in Florida in places no motorboat can get in.

Again, welcome to the club!

No shuttle, no schedule…
…and you don’t have that idiot in the bow to holler at- only one idiot in the canoe at a time!

no hollaring
but a well balanced couple!!

No trust issues there…
Is Mrs Riverstrider sitting on the floor? We tried that once with DeAnna on the floor and just ahead of the center thwart. Balance wasn’t much of a problem, but at the time we both were lacking in skills (and probably in the wrong boat) to make much progress. Maybe we should try it again…